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Most people think the point of playing casino games is to make money. True, that’s a good incentive, but the real purpose is to have fun. Everyone has a different idea of what makes a great game and that’s why there’s so many casino games to choose from. Some people love a good strategy game, others like the thrill of the high risk games, while other people play simply to chill out and wind down after a hard day’s work.

Read on for a quick Asian casino game guide that describes the different basic features of the most popular casino games in Asia, their main advantages and what kind of personality they appeal to most.

Play online
slot games
to chill

If you want to play slot games online, they’re easy enough to figure out. In fact, they’re even easier if you click on the ‘i’ or ‘?’ on the side, which gives you each slot’s particular game rules step by step. There are many variations of slot games and some require a little more strategy than others, but they aren’t really known as a “skill” game. Each ‘game’ is one spin of the reels and only takes a few seconds to play. 


Online casino slot games are known as more of a ‘chill out’ game, but some of the video slots can get pretty exciting with multiple secret levels to discover and play. As the most popular casino game in every real and online casino venue in the world, there’s no denying they’re loads of fun!

Poker is a real thinking person’s game. Playing Asian casino poker games online is well known to sharpen your skills in mathematics, strategy, thinking three steps ahead, your ability to ‘read’ other people, to make bold or difficult decisions quickly and more. This is not a game to play when you just want to chill: it’s a skill building game that takes time and consideration to master.


You’ll find literally hundreds of poker game variations available in online casinos and each has their own advantages, traits and temperament. One thing they all have in common: playing poker is so varied, intense and interesting, it’s often referred to as the ‘poker world.’

Play online
casino Poker
to develop
your skills

Play online
to win
real money

Blackjack, aka. 21, is a pretty easy game to pick up and play. Who hasn’t played a few rounds with family and friends? But once you start playing more regularly, the strategy and psychology involved starts to kick in and that’s when the wins really start mounting up.


That’s why playing Asian casino Blackjack is so popular: it’s a quick game that can be an easy chill-out, but it can also be an intricate thinking strategy game. One thing’s for certain though: Blackjack is known to have the highest payouts in the casino world!

Roulette is known as Lady Luck’s favourite game. That’s because it really is a game of chance and luck and any casino that tells you different should be avoided like the plague! Most people who play roulette on Asian casinos believe in a greater purpose, lucky days, fate, probabilities and love the high pitched thrill of the “chance.”


There are a few variations of roulette, but the rules aren’t really that different. The most popular are American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette, with the French Roulette option known for having a slightly better winning potential. Each roulette game is pretty fast and only takes a few minutes, but you can feel the tension rising as each person holds their breath while the ‘wheel is in spin,’ waiting for the ball to drop into place. And if you also love strategies and have a good head for maths, you can level up with any number of roulette playing strategies, such as the Fibonacci, the Martingale and, of course, the James Bond.

Play online
if you’re

Play online
Video Poker
for fast thinkers

Video poker is a relatively new game in the Asian online casino world and it’s literally the hybrid love-child of slot games and poker. It requires some skill and strategy, but not a whole lot, and the games themselves are fast, easy to pick up and each one takes less than a minute to play.


Playing video poker is a really good introduction if you’re want to learn how to play poker games, but it actually gives pretty sweet payouts all on its own.

What Casino Games Can You Play?

Everyone has their favourite online casino game, but there are thousands of casino games to choose from. How do you find the best game for you? Are you a loyal player? Are you looking to become a master strategist, or are you a paramour of Lady Luck? Or do you like to shake things up regularly, try your hand at new skills and play a new game every week?

If you’re a loyal player, you should look for an online casino that specialises in your favourite game. Some casinos have a wide range of online video pokies, but almost no table games to speak of. Others are known for their range of poker games and weekly tournaments and you might find yourself seated at a virtual table of real life, world-class poker champions honing their skills for their next big match.

If you have a more eclectic taste, seek out the casinos put the emphasis on their new games. Many online casinos will introduce up to 15 new slot games, besides a range of other new table games, every month. They’ll also likely offer games from a wide range of game software makers and probably give out pretty decent bonuses for new games to boot.

What Are The Online Casino Game Variations?

There aren’t just plenty of online casino games to choose from, but dozens of variations for each one as well.

Playing Casino Games For Free or For Real Money

You can play for real by betting and winning with real money, or you can play free no-deposit casino games just for fun. Playing for fun means you play with pretend ‘Monopoly money’ given to you by the casino and you don’t have to deposit any real money. It’s an option that lets you test out a limited version of the game, but you also don’t get to win any real money that you can withdraw.


Playing Online Casino Games In Flash Mode or on Download Casino Software

Most casinos have two software options: you can play directly online on their website (Flash Mode) using Adobe Flash, or you can download their dedicated software and play directly from your computer or mobile hard drive.


When you play in Flash mode directly on the casino website you don’t need to download any software to your computer, which is especially good if you’re still deciding if you like the casino. The downsides are that you need to keep updating your Flash player and that usually only the standard casino games, without any of the exciting variations, competitions or tournaments, are available in Flash.


The alternative is to play on a downloadable platform. This means you have to download the software to your computer or mobile device, which typically only takes a few minutes. The upside is that you get faster connections, better bonuses, a wider variation of game options, including live tournament games, your login is automatic each time you play and if your connection is lost in the middle of a game, you can pick up exactly where you left off when the connection comes back online.


In the download, you can play video games, live online casino games, regular online casino games against the computer, play in casino tournaments or you can even set up private games and play against your mates in some casino game platforms.

Check The Game Limits Before You Start Playing

You should also take note of the game limits before you start playing any casino game because there are high limit and low limit variations available on almost every game. The high limit games mean you need to lay down more on the table to enter the game. The stakes are higher, but so are the thrills and the wins. The low limit games are more for more conservative players, for people who prefer a quick flutter here and there or for newbies who are still learning the game.

What Are Online Casino Tournaments?

Online casino tournaments, much like real life tournaments, are when you sign up to play against other players and each time you win, you move up a different level. The last person standing wins a super grand prize. They are usually played in real time and can be one of the most exciting game variations available in any online casino. The most popular tournaments are for poker or slots, but it depends on which casino you choose. Many Asian casinos have multiple tournaments running every single week, or even every day!

What Are Online Casino Video Games?

Video games are variations of traditional casino games that have multiple levels and you have to unlock games within the game, which makes them much more interesting and ‘video game’ like. Some of the secret levels are luck based, but others can require more or less skills too.


The upper levels also typically have higher value wins up for grabs as well. The most common and popular example of casino video games are the video slots, but some casinos offer video game variations of many other games as well.

What Are Live Online Casino Table Games?

Live casino games are when you’re linked via video feed to a real life dealer and can literally play like in a real casino, but from the comfort of your computer screen. If you have a mike, you can even talk with them, or you can type out what you want to tell them, and they will actually lay your cards out for you on the table.


The table also has special sensor chips that can upload your information directly to your screen and keeps tabs on the game. The only real differences between real life casino table games and live casino games online are that you’re playing from your computer and also, you won’t get to see the other player’s real faces. And they can’t see yours.

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