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Playing online roulette is one way to have an exciting and entertaining time right in your home if you are in Asia. You no longer need to find a land-based casino to play your favourite table game. Whether you enjoy American or European roulette, you can have fun playing the various roulette versions available online.

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Guide to Online Roulette for Real Money in Asia

Online Roulette for Real Money in Asia

Online roulette for real money is one of the favorite casino games in Asia. It’s an adventure on a table with red, black, and green. You have a wheel that decides your fate. The wheel is designed with 37 or 38 numbers depending on the game version you play. You place wagers on a table with corresponding numbers in black, red, and the zeros in green. If the marble lands on your number or the outside bet you wagered, you win.

Just like playing online slots for real money, the benefit of online roulette is a wider choice in table limits. In a land-based casino you may find tables with a $5 minimum and most with $10 or higher for the minimum. The low stake with online roulette and the multiple variations available not found in land-based casinos will bring more entertainment to you. All it takes is learning a little strategy, placing smart wagers, and letting the wheel spin to the win. The main rules of the game will be the same for the different online variations, including mini roulette online.

Online Roulette for Real Money in Asia

Game Variations

Online roulette has three styles, all based on the original. The original game is known as European or French roulette to differentiate it from American roulette. You also have mini roulette. You also have a choice between virtual table games and live dealer games in online casinos for real money.

  • European Roulette – the game may be based on an older version of a Chinese game; however, the history has not been proven. What is known is that in the 17th century, people started playing the game where you have a wheel and a table. The table is where the wagers are placed. The European style has 37 numbers: 0 through 36.
  • American Roulette – arrived in the 19th century when the French brought the game to Louisiana. It was decided that the house needed a better edge than the European version, so a double zero was added to give the game 38 numbers for players to wager on.
  • Mini Roulette – a small version of the game where you have 13 numbers to wager on, rather than the full wheel and table. It has become a popular variation via online casinos.

How to Play

The game play for any variation of roulette is going to be the same. It is the strategies that will differ. Players will need to choose the version of the game they want to play. Once inside the gaming area, a player will choose the size of the wager and the amount of chips they want to place on the table for the different bets.

There are inside and outside bets, which determine the probability of winning and the amount won. Players will want to select the area on the table they wish to place their wager on, and once all their wagers are placed, select “spin.”

Online roulette casinos offering games for real money may have live or virtual table games. A live game will play slightly different from the virtual game, where you can automatically spin or set your wagers each time you play. In a live game, you communicate via microphone, camera, and chat. The live dealer will place your wagers and add your winnings.

Game Rules and Strategies

In any version of roulette, the rules are the same, it just happens that the amount of numbers you must wager on is more or less. You can place wagers on the zero and double zero. It is actually the strategies that will matter more, and those are based on the types of wagers you can place.

Inside Bets – wagers placed on the inside grid of the table have lower probabilities because you are betting on fewer numbers. For example, if you wager on one number, like the 35, the odds are 1:36 or 1:37, for European and American, respectively. The pay out is significantly higher, but the likelihood that you will be right is very low and high risk. Other wagers include the corner and street. A street is betting on a row of three numbers. A corner is where the chip is placed on four numbers. You can also wager six numbers or five, if you wager the zeros.

Outside Bets – these have a higher probability of winning and are either 12 or 18 numbers. You have even bets or odds, where you gain 1 to 1 pay out, for wagering on 18 numbers. These wagers are red/black or even/odd. Column and dozen bets are on 12 numbers. The column bets are the first, second or third column. You also have dozen where you wager on the first 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12.

The best strategy is to wager on the even odds or the dozen/column wagers because you are including more numbers in the potential win.

Platforms the Game is Available On

Online roulette for real money is available via desktop, flash, and mobile platforms. You can access the games using Apple or Windows for desktop versions. Flash versions are through the internet and available on any device that has a connection to the net. Mobile platforms include devices like Samsung, iPhones, and Blackberries. If it has an iOS or Android operating system it will work with mobile online casinos.

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Impressions for Online Roulette for Real Money in Asia

You want a game based on strategy? One that you can have fun playing, making a little money and wager as little as $1? Online roulette for real money is a game of strategy and luck, where you can wager a small amount or the table limit. Discover the fun you can have wagering on this table game.

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